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Wedding Photography, sometimes known as bridal photography, is a session taking place some time prior to the wedding day. It's that special moment that you want to remember the whole lifetime! Wedding photos capture the love shared, the moments of joy and the beauty of the moment. 

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How to pick the shooting location

Having a good location is the key to a successful wedding photography session and unforgettable wedding photos! Be bold in picking an unexpected place. 

Think about a place you love! Think about a place that is special to you! Florida is an amazing place and there is a great mixture of colonial architecture, modern places and great places you always want to come back to. When selecting a location, it is important to time the session properly. Some locations work better in the summer, some are better in the winter. There are places where you need to shoot the photos during the daytime and some are best at dawn or dusk. 

Our advice to the clients and everyone planning a session is to communicate with the photographer. Usually the professional wedding photographers have a great overview of interesting places and experience working in different locations. They will gladly help you out with timing the session properly and will give you a whole range of ideas! And you can always check our Blog for some interesting tips.

Wedding photos with the family & friends

These are fantastic and memorable wedding photos everyone loves to come back to. At the same time they are quite difficult to arrange. This usually means bringing many people together are time it properly so that things go according to the schedule. Think about the dress-code in advance and try to follow-up before the shooting session if everything is ready. A good idea is to have a stylist at the spot, since usually somebody needs a quick patching. Another good idea is to have everyone on the spot at least 30 minutes before the shooting starts. This is a great opportunity to socialize, get into the mood and have some fun!

Outdoor wedding photography

Outdoor wedding photos can be exceptional and truly beautiful. The sun, the ocean and the nature create a unique formula!

There is simply something special about man and the nature. I love outdoor wedding photos! They are quite difficult to set, but they are very much worth the effort! The very important aspect to keep in mind is that the best photos are shot in absence of the direct sun. This means that these sessions need to start early in the morning at the dusk, in the evening during the sunset or in a cloudy day. This means that it is very important to schedule these sessions properly and take a lot of factors into the account: the traffic, booking the stylist, the weather and other events planned during the day. Also consider going for an additional session of engagement photography, if you don't manage to squeeze all the ideas into a single day.

Arranging a wedding photo session

The very first thing that I suggest doing is contacting the wedding photographer. Best approach is to have a brief meeting where you can discuss all the details about the wedding photography. You are likely to get new tips regarding the shooting locations, interesting ideas for certain locations, you can draft a day schedule and get useful feedback how to time things during the day. What I usually need to know is when you plan to do the wedding photography and how many locations you want to cover. Based on the information I can draft a quote for the services. Afterwards we sign the agreement. 

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