Wedding Photography Price

As with every other aspect of the wedding budget, it is critical to understand what you get for what you pay. It also applies to the wedding photography price. It can vary from 1500$ to 3000$ and even more, based on the experience of the photographer, the difficulty of the session and the travel distance of the photographer.

How is the wedding photography price calculated?

Typically,  the wedding photography pricing is hour-based. Depending on the format and size of your event, you can book the wedding photographer for different number of hours. For example, if you have just a small private ceremony – the 3-hour service might be enough to capture the highlights of this event. However, in the majority of cases, the wedding photographer works about 5-6 hours. Those are enough to make key-moment photos of your big day.  There is also possibility to book the photographer for the whole day (8 hours) if you don’t want to miss even a small detail of the day. The price might vary in a range of 300-700$ per hour. Keep in mind, that the more hours you take - the more photos / moments / locations will be captured.

Also, you may find that many wedding photography price offers come in the shape of different packages. Those packages include a whole list of services. From the “Basic packages” that usually go with just a few hundred of high-quality photos and cost around 1500-1800$; to “All-inclusive packages” that cost 2500-3500$ with 500-1000 high-quality photos, Drone photos, online galleries, iPhone / Android applications, wedding photo books, etc.

Usually packages are optimized based on the experience of many weddings that the photographer worked on. Make sure that you clearly understand exactly what you get with each of the packages. Don’t hesitate to clarify if you have any questions. If none of the packages are ideal for you, then discuss with your wedding photographer the individual offer and what you want to include extra. You can always find the offer that works best for you! Check Wedding Photography by Trifonov Photography! Also check out all the amazing tips about Miami Wedding Photography.

Additional wedding photography pricing options

There are 2 other options available for the wedding photography, besides the wedding day. They can help you optimize your schedule in the mean time and, as a side effect, optimize your budget. It is very important to know all the options you have in terms of hacking the wedding photography pricing.

  • Engagement photography session

    BEFORE the wedding

    Most of the couples don't have much previous experience in working with professional photographers. As the wedding day is overwhelming by itself, it is a good idea to consider an engagement photography session before the wedding.

    On one hand, you can practice how to work while on camera for better collaboration with your photographer. Secondly, you can see what poses work good for you, so that you can prepare yourself for the photo session during the wedding day faster, with much more fun and stress-free. A big advantage of having the Engagement photography session, without a doubt, consists in having beautiful high-quality photos of two of you. You can use them for your wedding invitations, décor during event, guest book cover and other printing materials. Engagement photography session is a great investment for the best experience during your wedding day!

    The engagement photography session price might vary in a range of 500-1000$.

  • Bridal photography session

    AFTER the wedding

    Wedding day can pass so fast that you may not get enough of it. There are a variety of reasons why some moments during the wedding might have not gotten on camera. After all, wedding is a fast-going event, with quite a busy schedule to fit everything in. And, usually, the romantic photo session of the bride and groom is the first thing that tends to be cropped during the wedding timeline.

    This is why it is good to have a Bridal photography session after your wedding day. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy this photo session just for yourself. No hurry, no stress. You can totally focus only on good photos of the two of you, without worrying about the wedding, the ceremony, your family, friends and guests. It is the time to choose a different location to shoot, maybe even more than one. It is the time for the bride to enjoy her gorgeous wedding dress and bridal photography session makes it all a reality!

    The bridal photography session price might be in a range of 500-1000$.

To find out more about additional options, pricing and interesting ideas for the getting an unforgettable photos and great experience, check out the page about Engagement Photography by Trifonov Photography. You will find there great tips what to wear, where would be a good location and how to arrange a session.

Case studies

Emma & James

Total Budget: 2800$ (350$ x 8h)

Emma & James have a 150-guests-wedding in Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables, near Miami.

They booked a wedding photographer for 8 hours during the wedding day to make the following scenes: bride’s preparations with small bridesmaids’ party in the room; groom preparation; first look of bride and groom; bride with her father moments; photos with bridesmaids and best-men; family portraits; a romantic photo session of the two of them at the wedding location; the ceremony; the cocktail party and the dinner.

Price of the photographer is 350$ / hour.

Mason & Olivia

Total Budget: 2400$ (500$ x 3h + 900$)

Mason & Olivia have a 30-guests-wedding in Cooper Estate, near Miami.

They booked a wedding photographer for 3 hours and the following scenes: the first look; the ceremony; family portraits and romantic photo session of two of them at the wedding location. As they wanted to have photos of different location, they made a Bridal photography session after the wedding at the seaside and at Vizcaya Museum, Miami.

Price of the photographer is 500$ / hour. Price of the bridal session @ two locations is 900$.

William & Sophia

Total Budget: 2600$ (600$ + 400$ x 5h)

William & Sophia have a 90-guest wedding at The Ancient Spanish Monastery, North Miami Beach.

They made an engagement photo session before the wedding at the seaside and used the photos for their printing materials. They booked a wedding photographer for 5 hours to make the following scenes: the ceremony; the short romantic photo session at the wedding location; family portraits and photos with closest friends; cocktail party and the dinner.

Price of the engagement session is 600$. Price of the photographer is 400$ / hour.

Tips & tricks for getting a great wedding photography price

There is a 5P rule: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. By thinking through all the details of the wedding photo session, you can decrease your costs and increase the satisfaction from the session itself and the photos after. Let’s dive in:

  1. Think through all the scenes you want to have during the wedding day – photos with parents, the whole family, bridesmaids and best-men, etc. Communicate all these ideas to the photographer in advance. A good approach is to have examples of the photos, so that you and the photographer are on the same page and have a clear vision of how things should be set. A very good idea is to schedule each and every photo that involves many people and inform those guests where and when will they be needed. This simple trick can easily save an hour of the session time and prevent a lot of stress;
  2. When planning your wedding, allocate buffer time, so that no delays occur. Keep in mind – most of the times (except when you book a photographer with an all-inclusive package) the photographer is paid for every hour of being on the spot. Even if you are late and no photos are being taken, you are still paying for that. Therefore, if you’re expecting the photographer by 2PM, make sure you’re ready by 1PM or 1:30PM. Don't overpay!
  3. Don't squeeze everything into one day. Usually Engagement Photography and Bridal Session can go at a discounted price. This is due to the fact that both you and the photographer have flexibility in terms of timing the session and it usually happens outside the rush hours and busy days. It may be wise to have a shorter session during the wedding day and have another session before / after the wedding;
  4. Getting the cheapest offer is not always the best option. For instance, cheaper offers mean less photos. For big events it may be the case that only one photographer will be working at the venue. Therefore, the photographer can miss plenty of things and many great shots. Always try to figure out what’s the best deal for you. Think in terms of the quality and what you’re getting afterwards.

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