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October 10, 2018

Preparing For Your Engagement Photos

September 27, 2018
Top 7 Wedding Tips for Brides

Top 7 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

July 15, 2018

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Wedding Photography

Tears of joy lasting for a lifetime!

Wedding photography is an art-form of visually documenting the emotions and moments that are unique. This beautiful day is special in so many ways - beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful vibes! Often it is difficult to recall the fulness of this celebration, but with wedding photos - this day will always live on!

Engagement Photography

Two hearts beating together. Forever.

Engagement photography is all about documenting the stories of love, emotions, and happiness. This is about you, your love and emotions you want to capture. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the moment, smile and laugh, and maybe even cry - your memories are safe with us, captured on a camera and in your hearts!






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Wedding photography in Florida

Get advised for free!

Still weighting in on your options? I will be glad to help you with the planning! I can draft a plan for the wedding photo shoot, offer suggestions regarding the best shooting locations, help with the timing, share ideas about a creative setup. It only takes one meeting and it is totally free - no strings attached!

Wedding Photography is so much more than photos

There are photos of beauty and there are beautiful photos. Wedding photography accepts no compromise - those photos are of beauty and have to be beautiful. But, in itself, beauty is not a snapshot of light, objects and people, but rather a snapshot of emotions, stories, interactions. A successful wedding photographer manages to capture the latter rather than the first! Instead of asking you to smile, we'd rather see you enjoy yourselves. Instead of picking beautiful landscapes and scenes, we'd rather find a place where you felt comfortable. A successful wedding shoot is a story of 2 people loving each other, a story of parents and friends who celebrate this moment of joy with the grooms, a story that is at its beginning, with many more stories to follow!

Florida is a perfect place to unleash creativity!

Arguably it is very hard to find a more beautiful place! The sun, the ocean, the sand, the beaches, the nature, beautiful places, historic legacy - everything is at a distance of one small leap! This is perfect for wedding and engagement photography, because there are so many ways in which you can express yourself, express your feelings. Regardless of many years in business, I discover new and beautiful places, scenes and stories every year! Moreover, I often get requests from the grooms who come to Florida on purpose to shoot their wedding photos here. Our advice to you - don't be afraid to experiment and trust the beauty of the Flower State!  

We do what we love and love what we do!

It is very hard not to love wedding photography! This is because you are constantly working with happy people, you are constantly surrounded by beautiful landscapes and you're always part of a celebration and happy crowds. But there's more to it. Wedding Photography is about making a brief moment timeless, making an emotion - a whole story, about filling stills with motion, capturing the beauty through its authenticity. And we are ready to work long hours and very hard in order for you to enjoy returning to your wedding and engagement photos over and over and over again!

Some of our works

Wedding photography pricing

What is normally included in the price

As a rule, the price covers all photography services needed. It includes the photographer services, all the photo equipment (including the logistics) and post-production (photo editing and preparing of the deliverables).

Wedding Photography deliverables

The deliverables can vary, depending on the studio, session and requests from the client. Normally, the couple receives a digital library of photos from the session, which are edited and ready for publishing. Sometimes clients can request additional options, such as printing of the photos or editing and printing of a wedding album to be handled by the photographer for a better quality control of the printed material. In most of the cases these options are not included in the initial quote and are negotiated separately.

Budgeting a photography session

It is vital to have a good understanding of the pricing model:

  • per hour, which means that you pay for every hour the photographer(s) is present. Beware the low price - the hours included may be insufficient. Make sure the proposed session duration is realistic - at least 8-10 hours;
  • per day, which means that you pay for the whole day of service. The price may not include the equipment a session cannot do without. The additional fee can push the costs high up, so make sure there are no hidden costs;
  • per categories, e.g. photographer services, renting of equipment, logistics, etc. It can be used to hide certain costs or push extra services you may not need. Make sure that all expenses are covered and no surplus services are included.



I'd love to hear from you

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    Placing an order

    Want to talk?

    Selecting a photographer for the Big Day can become a difficult task. There are simply too many photographers and too many criteria to consider. Besides - there's a budget to think of, preps that need to take care of and only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week... 

    Don't worry, I understand perfectly well how much effort you're investing into making everything perfect! I'm always open to assist you in any way I can. Whether it's a late night email, a voice mail or a chat message - I'll always try to help you as quickly as possible! I'm always only a few clicks away...

    How does it work?

    In order to prepare an offer, there are several details that we need to know in advance:

    • location - we need to know the city where the wedding or engagement photo session takes place and the places you'd like to visit during the session (e.g. the beach, the museum, the park, etc.).
    • format - we need to know the size of the event (number of guests), the timetable of the events planned.
    • services - we need to know if there are any additional services that you'd like to request (e.g. printing of materials).

    Step by step process

    Once you have a rough idea about the event, we can proceed to discuss the cooperation. The process is the following:

    1. You send me an email, schedule a phone call or request for a quote
    2. I either contact you for additional details or proceed directly to drafting a quote
    3. I send you the quote and agree on a meeting
    4. Together we develop the agenda for the day regarding the photo session and sign the contract.