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Wedding Photographer Tips

As a professional working many years in this field, I want to share several wedding photographer tips with you. The tips will contain answers about myself, but also the things you can do in order to validate the answers that you can get from any photographer.

  • Are you good?

    How to know if the wedding photographer is really good

    Off the bat - don't base your decision on websites like theKnot or WeddingWire. Always try to do your own research. A good indicator is when a photographer is mentioned somewhere besides wedding photographer websites. Check their portfolio and see if you like their work. Moreover, check if their work is consistent (not just one successful session). Finally - always try talking to the wedding photographer.

    Personally, I have a reputation for working extremely hard to deliver the best images I can to my clients. Moreover, I try to provide exceptional customer service and be fun to work with at the same time. You can find out more about my working ethics. You can also check my portfolio, where you will always find my latest works. Also check my reviews. I will also be glad to provide a list of references from my clients.

  • How do I book you for my wedding?

    Which are the important things to do when booking a wedding

    Many wedding photographer tips will tell you that you should never do any payments prior to having an agreement signed. The agreement includes all the things relevant to the wedding photography and protects first and foremost you as clients. Another tip is to try meeting the wedding photographer at least once prior to the wedding. It will help you establish a better communication and set the right expectations.

    When working with me, here are a few easy steps to take:

    1. The first step is to get in touch with me. I’ll then try and meet you both in person or on Skype to hear more about you, your story, your plans and how you want the story of your wedding day told.
    2. Secondly, you’ll get a feel if I’m the right individual, the ideal personality and the best photographer for your specific needs and vision. Together we will draft the flow during the day.
    3. Afterwards we do the booking online, which is very simple!
    4. You pay the retainer and we proceed to work. 
  • What are your basic payment terms?

    How to get the best price and avoid overpaying

    Pricing for the wedding photography can be tricky. Hence, what you should know is that every fee is based on the amount of hours the photographer is on the spot. Most of the professional photographers are very transparent and straightforward about their pricing model. There are 2 approaches - per hour fee and standard packages, that include certain amount of hours. Always inquire about the amount of the photos you will receive and if the photographer will process those photos. It is often the case that the longer the session, the more photos you will get. There may be exceptions, when you book the photographer for the whole day, but get only a small amount of photos. Try to find out what is the base hourly fee. It may be the case that by booking the very good photographer for a shorter period may get you more & better pictures, rather than booking an average photographer for the whole day.

    In my case, in addition to a signed contract, I require 50% of the total agreed fee as a non-refundable retainer to secure me for your wedding date. The overall fee is based on the amount of hours you want to book me for or the package type you'd like to select. My payment policy is very transparent and does not contain hidden fees or clauses. You can find out more about wedding photography pricing here.

  • Are all of our photos edited?

    How not to lose quality within the quantity

    When negotiating to hire the wedding photographer, a common sales point thrown around is the amount of photos you will get. One of the important wedding photographer tips is that you need to make sure that the photographer edits the photos. It's is fairly easy for a photographer to offer you 3-4 thousand of photos. At the same time, it's very hard to edit all of them. Hence, you would normally get only hundreds, rather than thousands. Moreover, the editing quality matters, as well. Try to check the photographer's portfolio in advance in order to make sure the editing is good. 

    In my case, all of the photos i provide are edited with my signature style. I deeply care about providing only top quality editing. Moreover, I always try to make sure the clients love the material they receive. 

  • Digital images and reprint rights?

    How to retain your legal rights for the images

    This is not often the case, but here's another set of wedding photographer tips for you. Whenever shooting the session, the photos taken during the wedding are the intellectual property of the photographer. It is important that these rights are passed on to you when the service is provided. The photographer may retain some small rights, like placing the photos in its own portfolio or may use them in some of its marketing materials. But the rights transfer would prevent the photographer to sell these photos to a third party.

    I always include high resolution images with reprint rights without logos/watermarks as a deliverable. You may rest assured that no third party will be able to buy your photos without your consent.

  • How do you charge for destination weddings?

    Which charges are ok and which are not

    A destination wedding is when you are planning an event at the location which is outside the normal drive range for the photographer. Normally the photographers can charge additionally for the transportation and accommodation. Other than these two, the per hour fee should normally remain the same.

    Even for local weddings I charge based on your specific requirements - every wedding is different. There are obviously extra costs such as travel and accommodation that must be covered by the clients with any Destination Wedding. At the same time, I will make sure we can figure out the budget that works best for you!

  • Are you insured?

    Why insurance is important for wedding photographers

    It's a very rare event, but there are things that can go wrong. The most common - the digital information stored on the memory cards gets corrupted. Photographers can get into accidents when going to the wedding location. Moreover, photographers can get into an accident at the wedding location or the equipment can be damaged.

    One of the wedding photographer tips - pick the person with the insurance. The insurance protects both - you and the wedding photographer. Personally, I am insured. This is the mandatory standard I adhere to. So is my equipment. You can rest assured that even in the unlikely case when something goes wrong - it will not affect you in any way!

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