Rebecca&Chris West Palm Beach Photographer

This wedding has a little story behind it. It all started in one of those grumpy cloudy days which is a big rarity here in the South Florida. Me and my wife were sitting in the car at the parking lot after the meeting with a client and my phone rang. It was Rebecca. She told me that she’s engaged and will have a wedding next year in West Palm Beach so she’s in need of a talented wedding photographer which I am lol. But it was her words not mine and she backed up it with telling me that she can tell a difference in quality between my photos and everyone’s else in the market and she automatically become a best client ever.

So we got a good chat via phone for around 30-40 minutes and with huge confidence I told her that I’m available on her wedding day, this is where the sad part starting.

We immediately checked the date and it was already booked. Speaking the truth I was not ready to call her back, but I must have to tell her so she will start looking for  other options out there, so I called her and after letting her know that I knew she was crying. Damn, me and my wife was feeling so bad. The funny thing was that the client who booked her date came from my past clients and Rebecca came from the same client.

There was no chance for Rebecca to move her date because she booked the venue already.

I’m not that kind of person who will give up just like this. I texted my client Lauren from Texas and decided to tell her that story.

And Lauren told she can move her date since they are doing a wedding and I’ll drop a gift on top of her package. I just gave her Rebecca’s phone number to have them chit chat and Rebecca called me after and was very happy!

So in the end they both was happy and so did I and my wife, the only thing that awaited us was the 2 wedding days in a row and one was in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the second one in Dallas, Texas, oh my oh my, we did not sleep for a 35 hours total.

Enjoy the photos!

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