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Engagement photography is an amazing opportunity to do an additional photography session in a great new place in a more cosy and casual environment. It also helps a lot to learn being on camera.

  • Estimated budget

    starting at


  • Session Type

    Outdoor shooting

  • Dress Code

    You decide

  • Things to have

    Lipstick or gloss, powder, blush, pins and hairspray, flip flops or any other comfortable shoes.

  • Keep in mind

    The engagement photography is about you and you feeling comfortable. Pick the clothes you are comfortable in. You can even pick several attires. In case you book a stylist, make sure to schedule it in advance. 

How to pick the shooting location

Be creative! There are no constraints in terms of places to choose. 

The most important thing in engagement photos is love. Choose a place that is somehow special for both of you. It may be a beautiful place that brings out memories. It can also be a place you love visiting. Since the date of the engagement photography is pretty flexible, it is best to pick a place in a great time of the year. Another important factor is the weather itself. Heavy rain can ruin any outdoor session, but so can a very bright sun or strong winds. Last but not least - there are sessions that can be done indoors - inside a hotel, restaurant or a studio. Make sure that you ask your photographer about most amazing ideas for engagement photography.

Engagement photography attire

There is no consensus what would be the best option for engagement photography. You can go with casual clothing or you can go with a formal attire. There is no secret sauce. The main thing is - don't overcomplicate the whole thing. It is very important for you to stay comfortable and relaxed and enjoy yourself. Same goes for the makeup - don't overdo it and don't stress too much about it. Another hint would be to plan in advance the shooting angles you're planning. E.g. if you're planning angles that would involve running and jumping - consider wearing the clothing that would give you this flexibility. 

Why would you even want engagement photography

Since we get this question fairly often, let's address the elephant in the room.

This is a tough question to ask, but an easy one to answer. I've been doing wedding and engagement photography for many years. If I were to post every session I did, the Blog would become overloaded. At the same time there is a thing I see time after time. Couples decide to go in favor of wedding photography. They try to do as many photos as possible, to catch as many angles as possible and reach as many places as possible. But there is only as much as you can manage in one day. You do get tired at some point and sometimes you simply run out of time.

This is why engagement photography is so important - it comes at a fraction of the cost, but you actually get to make another session, maybe in another location and maybe even in another time of the year. This offers flexibility and range. Moreover, you get to know the photographer better, you learn to be on camera (yes, it is at times pretty difficult task). You get to know each other better - which angles work and which don't, what works best for both of you. Although not actively encouraged, but you can use it as an opportunity to test out the makeup and hair style. It may sound far-fetched, but it's the truth - I've never ever had a client regretting doing this session with me!

Arranging Engagement Photography

Think of a place you'd like to make a session at and think about the period when you'd like the session to happen. I'd like to know the details in advance. Of course I'd like to meet you. I'd like to go over the list of the ideas and offer feedback on our behalf. After we establish an action plan for the session, we can draft a quote and sign the agreement. I encourage you to contact me as early as possible. The more time in advance we have, the more flexibility we have in arranging the session!

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