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What constitutes the core values of a professional wedding photographer and why would you want to work with a professional?

To be honest with you - there are hundreds of photographers, capable of holding a camera. But it's not the capacity of holding a camera, nor the equipment that make a person a good photographer. From my experience, I can tell you there is a stark contrast between how different people approach the same job.

Begs the question - so what makes me, Igor Trifonov, a professional wedding photographer? First and foremost, I feel very connected to the photography sessions I organize. And for me, it's never another day under the sun. Because every session is a new challenge, a new opportunity to outperform every other previous session, to outperform myself, to create something unique and beautiful!

In order to achieve this, I always try to get to know my clients the best I can. Therefore I want to know your character, the things you like, the things that make you laugh and the things that make you love. And this allows me to work at highest capacity. As soon as we start, first we will establish a very clear and structured plan for the day. Then we will pick a list of best shots. These shots will work best for you and will result in the photos you will love to come back to! Finally, we will schedule everything into a very efficient and stressless day.

Igor Trifonov - the bio

I love what I do - capturing life’s most heartfelt moments through my lens.

Trifonov Photography is all about capturing emotions! My Name is Igor Trifonov and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Miami, Florida. For me, professional wedding photography is all about documenting the stories of love, emotions, happiness, and endless celebrations.

I specialize in weddings, capturing creative, elegant and timeless images with a modern appeal to it. I am privileged to document the moments of beauty, breaths and laughs. And I am humbled to witness happy tears of the bride and the groom when saying “I do” to each other.

Each wedding is unique! I am fortunate to connect with happy couples in love and get to know them in-person before their big day. Hence I love hearing their story that led them to their special day. Moreover, I have my own love-story to tell, that led me to my beautiful wife, Elein. But this is not about me. This is about you, your celebration and your wedding photography. And my promise to you, as your professional wedding photographer, is that you will have everlasting memories, that are special to you as a couple. 

I understand the importance of taking beautiful wedding photos. They need to encapsulate all the sentimental details and traditional aspects, that are unique to your wedding. In conclusion, I believe I'm the right person for this job! If you want to know more about me and to see more of my work in person feel free to contact me. Let's have a chat and maybe we can have a coffee together!

How to spot a professional wedding photographer?

My only rating is the smile on my clients' faces. The rest are fake news!

The process of finding a professional wedding photographer can be difficult. It is full of traps and honeypots, unfortunately. Therefore, time and time again, we hear that our clients struggled to find wedding photographers and wedding photography services. Especially harmful are platforms like theKnot and Weddingwire, which are having a bad impact on the industry of wedding photography.

People see hundreds of positive reviews and long lists of awards and reach the wrong conclusions. Moreover, they are basically manipulated into thinking that one photographer may be better than many others. We have a detailed blog post about the manipulations taking place. Thing is - no rating can substitute having a conversation with the person. And usually the attitude of the photographer is the key ingredient for the recipe of a successful photography session. Hence never hesitate to talk to the person. This will help you separate professional wedding photographers from the rest. Moreover, it will help you feel confident that you've made the right pick!

I am always happy to talk with you! So if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer, if you feel lost and overwhelmed - drop me a message. I will do my best to help you out and I do hope we will enjoy working together!

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